Pic del Torreneules

Hiking to the top of the Torreneules following their ridge southeast with a privileged view of gorges del Freser and Coma de Vaca valley.

Ascension to the top of the pyramid Torreneules following their aesthetic ridge southeast. During the ascent we have a privileged view of the valley and gorges Freser Coma de Vaca. Leaving the shelter Coma de Vaca north-east through the side of the shepherds' hut built 20 meters from the shelter. Halfway between the cabin and the torrent Coma de Vaca, the left turn towards the west taking advantage of a slight concave area on the slope and climb steep ascent (unmarked) to look down from the ridge to Torreneules shelter Coma de Vaca. In this way we avoid the rocky cliffs that are just above the shelter. Once the first 20 minutes, the climb becomes much more clear and panoramic.

When we left half an hour to reach the summit of Torreneules, the crest becomes more rugged and avoid turning off to climb a few meters from the ridge axis. After enjoying the spectacular view from the top of Torreneules, 15 minutes down towards the northwest and reach the neck Torreneules. Tombs down right (northeast) to go way down toward the little milling bottom of the valley Coma de Vaca (one goal). Cross the stream and the river on our right going along the valley Coma de Vaca (red dots) to find refuge and the river Freser Coma de Vaca.