Bastiments - Gra de Fajol

Ascension to the two peaks that dominate the traditional ski Vallter 2000, el Bastiments i el Gra de Fajol.

In winter, the peak Bastiments is much frequented by skiers and snowshoe hikers while his neighbor, Buckwheat grain is cordate tour of many climbers climb by steep corridors of snow and ice. Leaving the shelter Coma de Vaca in south-east and cross the bridge the river Freser. Come back to the north valley Freser the river to our left (red and white stripes or yellow). After an hour we found in our left a rain gauge. Let us follow the river Freser and go right to the north-east by a steep slope of grass (milling and marked with little red and white stripes).

After 30 minutes of strenuous climb to get above the wide Marrana hill. From this point we can see below us the ski Vallter 2000. Climb to the northwest along the spine to reach the summit of Bastiments. We descend again to the Marrana pass and we climb towards the southeast to arrive half an hour later at the top of buckwheat grain. The return to the shelter Coma de Vaca we follow the route of the round.