Through Freser Gorges

Wonderful trip from the nice village of Queralbs through the Freser river with unforgettable views of cliffs, gorges and waterfalls.

If you have vehicle, parked in the power of Daios de baix. Otherwise, the train will arrive at Queralbs zipper down and walk a little less than 1 Km. the road toward Ribes Freser to find a very closed curve on the left comes the turn for the power plant Daios Low. From Daios, cross a bridge and go back Freser the valley with the river on our right.

The trail is marked with yellow stripes or red spots. After an hour and a half to find a metalic bridge crossing the river and continue going up now with our Freser left. The road becomes steep and we have under the Pharaohs of the water pipe Daios Central, which follow the cliffs of the south side of Torreneules. Fina

lly we leave the steep gorges Freser reach a vantage point from which we contemplate a bucolic image of the plane of the mares. To reach the shelter will have a drop down about 100 meters left and where to find a bridge crossing the river with ease.